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9 Best Employee Recognition Award

9 Best Employee Recognition Award


Showing your employees that their work is both noticed and valued will go a long way toward keeping up morale and motivation. Custom award trophy can be a great way to help build your team. The key is which types of employee recognition awards you give. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to feel fulfilled in their work. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the nine best employee recognition award titles to help build a supportive and encouraging culture in your workplace.

The 9 Best Employee Recognition Award Ideas Include:

1. Overachiever Award

This award would be for those who go above and beyond and put in the extra effort on a project. This type of work can be contagious to those that are around it. Seeing one person go above and beyond will encourage others to do so, but if there is no reward for it, most likely this will fade.

2. Exemplary Character Award

This crystal award is for someone who has shown extraordinary integrity, poise, kindness, generosity, or more. This can be especially difficult when faced with sensitive situations, and as much as we hope they do not, these situations do occur in the workplace. Let your employees know their handling of a situation was both noticed and respected, and likely others will follow suit in the future.

3. Outstanding Leadership Award

It’s important to take notice when one of your employees has gone above and beyond in helping others to learn and grow in the workplace. Recognizing this work not only encourages it within the culture of your company but will also help you as an employer take note of the leadership characteristics of your workforce. This will also become important when looking for internal talent when promotions become available.

4. Mentorship Award

This art glass awards is great for employees who take those who are less experienced or newly hired "under their wing," even if it is not directly part of their job description. This sort of leadership should be noticed not just so that you can encourage it, but so that perhaps in the future these employees are thought of when managerial promotions are available.

5. Innovation Award

This is for an employee who has proactively developed a creative solution to a problem or issue. A culture of innovation can lead to increased workflow, so make sure your employees not only can, but are encouraged to think outside the box when a problem arises!

6. The Epitome of Teamwork Award

This is for someone who goes out of their way to help team members even if it is not technically their responsibility. If one of your workers is staying late or putting in extra hours to help others on tasks or projects that they may not technically be assigned to, let them know the work is appreciated. Finding workers that are willing to do this can be difficult, so make sure to give them the credit they deserve!

7. Extraordinary Diligence Award

For that employee who delivers outstanding work with a great amount of time and effort, consider an Extraordinary Diligence Award. Putting in the extra effort to complete exemplary work is a trait that’s all too rare, but incorporating and encouraging it within the culture of your company can lead to some great results!

8. Exceptional Tenure Award

Loyalty is hard to come by in today’s workplace so recognizing those who have stayed true to the company for an extended time with an employee service award will go along way toward making them feel appreciated and encouraging others to strive for the same tenure. Award employees for 10, 15, 20 years of service or any time period you see fit. You could even give out an employee recognition plaque for each milestone and pair it with bonuses or custom employee gifts. Your loyal employee will feel not only recognized but also appreciated, and others will strive to reach the same level!

9. Customer Service Award

When customers praise a worker for their service, don’t let it simply fall by the wayside. This is especially important if the employee routinely receives rave reviews! Make sure you are recognizing these employees so that those around them take note of how they handle a situation with customers and learn. A great example of this type of an award would be an employee of the month award. Give all of your employees something to strive for each month of the year. Great customer service can be foundational to your business, so encourage those who provide it!

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