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A crystal inside carving painting achievement of a beautiful love

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-16
Mentioned the crystal inside carving picture may be a lot of people have not seen what it's like, it was based on the laser machine will be inside a certain wavelength of laser into the crystal, the crystal in the specific areas of subtle form bubbles burst, and draw the outline of the beautiful patterns of preset shape. Why am I so understand to crystal inside carving, so interested in it? It's a long story, let I told you little by little. Before I have a friend, know for a long time, is a friend of the iron, to go to school when he was learning sculpture class. The industry is not very good looking for a job after graduation, he inadvertently exposed to the crystal inside carving. Is beginning with the psychology of fun, want to try, slowly he do too much, is becoming more and more interested in. He has a girlfriend for a long time, there was a time because they don't satisfy his situation, don't like his job, two people make bad, even put forward to break up. He was depressed at the time, a long time not see people, including her girlfriend, we all think what's wrong with him. Didn't know until one day, he hired four people, a pair of enormous crystal inside carving, stood on the girlfriend's unit, so has been waiting for her forgiveness, the picture is a large portrait of them holding hands. The effect can not generally than photo. Can imagine as a result, two people reconciliation again. Sometimes, life is so simple, don't care about some external things, the most important thing is two people together is happy enough. From then on, every time they go to their house to see the pair of large crystal inside carving picture, see it, give a person is not only beautiful, more alert, let us better to love, better to love and beautiful life in my life.
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