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Acrylic a: how many colours are there?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-16
Believe you are the most common or transparent about acrylic products, but also often see other colors of acrylic products, so many people have a doubt in his heart, exactly acrylic how many colors? Today small make up to you to introduce acrylic how many different colors. Theoretically acrylic products, any color can be made, the common acrylic color on the market is divided into the transparent plate and two kinds of color plate. Acrylic transparent plate including pure transparent board and grind arenaceous board; Acrylic color plate mainly include white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, pink and so on, each divides several kinds of color, each color and semi-permeable plate, and there are some special plate, including cloth gold plate, silver plate, shell pearl board, wave board, etc. For our acrylic processing factory, we usually have white, black, transparent, these three kinds of color plate, proofing time of the three color plate can always pull, while those with color plate or special board, we are generally not prepared material now, if needed, we also to factory order to the factory order non-ferrous materials or special plate needs certain minimum quantity, delivery time will be a little bit longer, so general colored products need proofing, we will suggest to use we have now material plate, do big goods with color plate, hope you can understand.
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