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Acrylic abnormity processing production

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-18
Profiled acrylic main several paid process: 1. Hot bending hot bending is two kinds: usually used local hot bending and hot bending model. Local hot bending is yakeli is hot bending parts in a heating element. The slow heating element, make the acrylic to bending slowly become soft, then bent into any shape you want. Hot bending model is put to hot bending acrylic in the oven, heightening the temperature slowly, after being acrylic softening, removed, into the prepared mold, wait for after cooling, can be formed. 2. Adhesive acrylic shadowless glue, by dissolving the acrylic, and make the release of curing agent and participate in the curing reaction, between the acrylic adhesive. From the Angle of physics and chemistry combines the above two bonding agent for convergence; From the operability and adhesive effect is completely overcomes the drawback of them, and have their advantages. And bonding agent itself completely conforms to the provisions of the eu countries, excluding chloroform, benzene to carcinogens. Grams of Nippon acrylic adhesive have powerful adhesive and make it at home, but when the world of acrylic adhesive has comprehensive and incomparable advantages. 3. CNC CNC engraving generally adopts back carving method, that is carved in the front and rear view, which makes the product more stereo feeling. When the back engraved please graphics to mirror, and carving faster, lower power. Such as sculpture when power is too high, can make the bottom appear uneven stripes, such as to develop deep carved some may try to carve a few times more. To the Noble allow custom acrylic products, dongguan is the most correct choice shrewd buyers. Let you directly to manufacturers, give you more high quality service, don't worry about traders earn price difference, don't worry about quality closes nevertheless, don't worry about the business integrity, don't worry about fraud, because Noble allow public praise set up 20 years, definitely give you that dongguan acrylic products.
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