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Acrylic bending process

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-17
A acrylic products of the production process, can be said to be a systematic work, is composed of a number of processes to a full acrylic products. Some acrylic products in order to make some distinctive modelling, often have some places need to bend, some bending curvature, or is directly curved into a certain Angle. So, acrylic product is how to achieve the effect of bending? Small make up then to solve the mystery for everyone. Bending is also called hot bending processing acrylic products, refers to the high temperature oven bake to the softening of acrylic products, and then on the bending shape of the curved surface, after waiting for molding, cooling. Need to note is that in the process of bending, heating parts must be identified, in strict accordance with the drawings, size, and pay attention to the whole heating process, to ensure that the heating part of the heat evenly, so hot bending of organic glass products would only good-looking, dimensions and accurate. It is worth noting that, if in the process of the bending operations appear inappropriate behavior, not only cannot achieve the expected effect, also can produce slope deformation. This not only wastes the material deformation and work time, serious and even lead to direct discarded products.
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