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Acrylic bending processing technical analysis

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-17
Acrylic bending is also called hot bending process, is refers to by high temperature after the acrylic baking oven until softened, then to have the mold spread modelling of arc, with its cooling after a modelling. If the improper operation when bending, not only reach the desired effect, but also creates a cock to be out of shape. A cock deformation not only a waste of material and working hours, caused by serious or even scrapped, so is there a way to prevent and remedy? Noble allow acrylic processing plants to share: acrylic bending processing when the camber deformation solution. Cause analysis: acrylic display in the bending process, there are three reasons for camber deformation: a, mould has damaged or cock, lead to deformation; Second, the speed is not fast enough, not entirely bending, acrylic has cooling hardening; Three, acrylic thickness is too thick to completely spread out modelling, or too long deformation caused by acrylic its flexibility. Solution: 1: should check whether there is any damage on mold deformation in advance, if mold is damaged, replace should mold; 2: bending kink shape must be fast, if there is a deformation, can bake again to soften the new type shape; 3: in the product design should fully consider the material itself characteristic, in order to avoid the above situation occurs.
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