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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-10
Food packaging, food containers and used for the preparation of food processing and auxiliary materials, equipment, tools and all food contact materials and products are collectively referred to as food contact materials ( The Food Contact Materials, FCM) 。 Common food contact materials include plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, fiber products, etc. Acrylic as a new material of non-toxic environmental protection, is the most excellent so far in the synthesis of transparent material quality of a material. And acrylic high transparency, high hardness and the price is cheaper, increasingly widely used in food packaging in recent years, such as red wine wine pourer, kitchen condiment box, plastic tray, etc. Acrylic in the application of food contact materials, is currently in circulation field in acrylic as the main body of food contact materials mainly include two kinds of food packaging containers and tools: food packaging container: acrylic snack boxes, acrylic fruit plate, acrylic plastic cup, acrylic spice jar, acrylic sealed cans, food containers, such as acrylic transparent ceiling oil; Food packaging tools: acrylic rack, acrylic multi-layer food cake.
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