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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-10
Acrylic box price? Many customers will ask this question, in fact, depending on the acrylic box is used to do what you do, how to make it, about quantity, acrylic companies are now processing plants, walk quantity, the price is very cheap, of course. Specific can ask professional acrylic production processing factory & ndash; Noble allow acrylic co. , LTD. In addition the price also depends on which kind of material do you want to choose, because before also said acrylic is divided into three types: new materials, materials recycling, A new material) Reworked material. New material due to the high cost, 25 yuan per kg, but the quality is the best. Recycling is a new material, the price is in the middle. Reworked material also is domestic plate, the price is the lowest, the quality is not good. Adopted by the Noble, of course, allow the company is the first two. This is for the sake of customers have more choices, because each customer's requirement is different. Need clear is that the price based on the acrylic box is used to do, do what. Difficulty level processing, such as simple square acrylic box, acrylic box and some need to bend, or more complex some acrylic box, so the price is also slightly different. The types of acrylic boxes are very much: acrylic collection box, acrylic display box, acrylic container and acrylic cosmetic box, acrylic donation box and so on. Action, technology is not the same.
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