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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-11
With the advantages of acrylic material known, more and more acrylic box is used, in the hard to avoid some people for the use of the acrylic box also is not very understanding, the Noble allow small make up to summarize seven the use of acrylic box tip: 1, the thermal expansion coefficient is larger, acrylic placement or fixed to temperature changes with scale space should be taken into consideration. 2, if the organic glass was not damaged, can use IPS adhesive glue/adhesive methylene chloride of gelling agent or quick-drying agent then. 3, organic glass products bright, can use liquid polishing wax, with soft cloth to wipe it solutions; When clean acrylic only use 1% of soap and water, with a soft cotton cloth with soap water, do not use hard objects or dry clean. 4, organic glass temperature heated at 70 degrees will be out of shape, when heated to 100 degrees above will soften, so should avoid that applies to more than 100 degrees. 5, organic glass polishing, if it is a tiny scratches, can directly use a toilet paper or a cloth with a little toothpaste to wipe. 6, organic glass should take soft cloth is swabbed, never use any detergent containing granular objects, do not use all kinds of chemical solvent scrubbing. 7, organic glass is easy to crack damage, take put should pay attention to the protection of the surface. In organic glass products in use process will certainly encounter some unexpected situation, so in order to avoid the controls, when they have a problem by we will be above the interpretation of the organic glass products.
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