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Acrylic clip picture? What are the characteristics?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-27
We all know that acrylic painting glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, chic, minimal, in homes, offices, stores, business hall, etc to anywhere a person shine at the moment. So what do you know the acrylic clip so beautiful painting process made? Acrylic painting after diamond polishing machine polishing, even is crystal transparent edge, not plastic injection and flame polishing machine polishing effect than. Acrylic clip drawing high transparent organic glass panel, glittering and translucent connect fully appearance, novel design easy to use, look dignified. Four corners using embedded magnets, and easy to use tear open outfit. Acrylic clip picture has the following advantages: with a grade of organic glass materials, pervious to light. - horizontal vertical position. - simple basic model and structure design of the magnet. - according to customer's size can be produced. - can customize products according to customers' LOGO, printing, engraving. Visual effects: diversity, gorgeous color, strong visual impact. Hou resistance: insurable long do not fade, good quality plate use fixed number of year for up to eight 15 years; Rationality: reasonable design, rain moisture; Open structure, easy to maintenance; Resistance to impact, is 20 times of glass products, almost no risk of fracture; Transmission of light: light transmittance as high as 95%, good pervious to light, the light is downy; Flame resistance: no spontaneous combustion and self-extinguishing; Beautiful sex: exquisite craft, no fold, no bubble, no impurity, smooth and radiant.
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