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Acrylic display preferred kay rick focus acrylic products for 20 years

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-22
Now you know why the dongguan acrylic display rack can be hot show? In numerous reveal frame, such as glass, plastic, wood, metal, craft is different, have different use. In the shopping malls and stores, it was found that the glass and plastic are not reveal frame to make the best choice! Because glass is heavy and fragile, and plastic cheap no sense! Dongguan yakeli reveal frame, however, is just the middle value, not only has the advantages of both glass and plastic also makes up the defect of the both on the show, so now shopping malls and stores and displays multiple stores and products on the market basically is used in dongguan of organic glass display rack, according to the trend, in the long run, the dongguan acrylic display will gradually replace the glass and plastic display shelf. It belongs to a kind of colorless transparent organic glass materials, transparency is as high as ninety-two percent above, is the light transmittance and transparency in one of the best polymer materials, combined with the characteristics of easy processing, so very suitable for making display shelf. And you can also print it on its surface logo, trademark and so on. Now have the dongguan acrylic display in gifts, handicrafts, jewelry, cell phone, glasses, watches and clocks, alcohol and tobacco, cosmetics and other industries widely used. Choose dongguan acrylic display rack can let the consumer more clearly see the inside of the exhibits, let customers in to watch and buy appear convenient save Labour, can give customers a good impression. And show the logo on the surface of the frame has a very good publicity effect, placing it in the traffic large square can be as free advertising posters. Organic glass materials show in addition to the above, the performance of the plate type is also compared with glass plastic more rich, can make all kinds of shape and design of the organic glass handicraft!
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