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Acrylic display production 丨 yakeli processing factory 丨 dongguan kai rick

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-21
Acrylic display rack is product display props, using acrylic processing made of the exhibition which has high transparency, compressive ability is strong, colour and lustre is bright beautiful, high-grade looks delicate, highly transparent effect to make the customer to the product of take in everything in a glance. These advantages make acrylic display products display the best choice! But if acrylic display rack in the process of machining grasp is not good, so made show the finished effect will sell at a discount greatly. So in the process of acrylic display acrylic manufacturers how to guarantee the high quality product? 1, the first acrylic surface hardness is equivalent to aluminium, when processing or use should be careful to avoid the surface scratches. Through polishing, such as scratches, can restore the original luster surface, otherwise it will affect the aesthetic of the acrylic display itself, ultimately affect the present products and beautiful. 2, secondly, acrylic plate casting plate has a certain expansion coefficient, must consider when install acrylic leave enough appropriate telescopic gap. 3, acrylic display rack, of course, also need to cleaning and maintenance, because the acrylic is easy to produce static electricity, dust adsorption. So we must choose reasonable detergent when cleaning, dip in with soft cloth can wipe 1% soapy water, very convenient to clean, this is also one of the advantages of acrylic display. Acrylic display rack in the display of goods has played a very important role, may well you attract the consumers, improve product visibility, and foil the image of the product, and we dongguan Noble allow to provide you with a create the perfect display platform, allows you to display product get twice the result with half the effort, let us establish a long-term mutual benefit, mutual benefit, mutual trust partnership.
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