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Acrylic display scratched?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-21
Acrylic display flower will affect the display overall beautiful sex, a negative effect to product presentation, especially those of transparent acrylic display rack, would seem to be quite obvious, it is difficult to cover scratches, that how to solve the acrylic display scratched? Because of a little scratched away it's too bad. Ignore it. Don't try so hard, the Noble allow acrylic processing factory to teach you a few action acrylic display scratched on the solution of the simple and practical method. 1, in view of the area is not large and deep scratches, common practice is to use toothpaste, cotton cloth point to wipe scratch part, through repeated to wipe, can remove scratches restored acrylic display the original color and brightness. 2, scratch area is larger, can be fine polishing cloth round of polishing machine, only need to wax on the cloth wheel, get scratched surface polishing can restore, this approach is fast. 3, if is the deep scratches, waterproof abrasive paper, combined with the finest in water, will scratch and scratch in surrounded by smooth, reoccupy cloth round of polishing machine grinding polishing, it is important to note that because of the scratch too deeply, in order to cover the scratch multiple polishing grinding, so polished surface will be a little pit. In fact more than acrylic display will be scratched, almost all of the acrylic products are scratched phenomenon, to acrylic handicraft no scratches, can choose strong ability to resist scratching by acrylic processing production, in addition to the ordinary acrylic products should pay attention to in the process of transportation, use, study of acrylic products maintain common sense and scratched processing method is also very important.
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