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Acrylic exhibition stand by what price?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-13
Acrylic frames when the custom, the price is the factory direct quote, for the customer, how to evaluate the product price is reasonable, acrylic display rack price is made of the factors which a few? One, the influence of the cost of acrylic exhibition stand price cost refers to the labor costs and acrylic material cost and the cost of other materials accessories. Second, the influence of packaging for acrylic exhibition stand prices affect the price of acrylic exhibition stand cost factors mainly include the packing cost and transportation cost. As for the high and low depends on the difference between the requirement of the packaging or on acrylic exhibition stand. Number three, acrylic display rack for acrylic display rack price as labor-intensive industry, the influence of the same kind of acrylic display rack production quantity, the more when buying this exhibition frame material also can be the cheaper, the other workers for a long time to produce the same type of exhibition stand, more and more skilled, efficiency will also high, so the customer need the more the number of acrylic exhibition stand, the relative price is more cheaper. Four, the influence of the custom of acrylic display rack price because the product is your demand design production, different from the direct selling products on the market, reveal frame are tailor-made for customers personalized products, personnel costs will increase at this moment, need experienced teacher recommendations designed and produced in the production of different mould, it will also cause the increased cost of acrylic exhibition stand price.
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