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Acrylic exhibition stand expensive?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-24
The following will introduce you to acrylic frames of high cost of reason. Some stores show will put a lot of lamp act the role ofing to achieve ornament effect, and acrylic material exhibition stand light transmittance as high as 98% above, so many cases using organic glass box or small furnishings. Acrylic cohesion, and that it is able to directly hot bending, adhesive, this mix of installation can increase the display shelf stereo feeling and aesthetic feeling. In addition, the elegant display shelf to choose good density board, because inferior density board surface uneven, coarser. So choose to choose density, smooth appearance, can paint plate. Acrylic high surface finish completely conform to the requirements. Acrylic display cost, although expensive, but can in its surface screen printing LOGO or advertising language, this helps to brand promotion, improve product image, enhance brand awareness, increase sales. Although it sounds like some exaggeration, but some of them have such a story, some customers buy cosmetics or valuables, at the same time, took a fancy to delicate display shelf or small stage, so those who have high demands on quality of life and their own economic conditions permit, to buy the product display shelf along with purchase was not surprising. In short acrylic display cost is expensive, is expensive. Because everyone will not disorderly spend money, just because is worth.
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