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Acrylic fish tank?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-05
A lot of people is not very understand what is acrylic fish tank, because the acrylic aquarium as transparent as glass, most of the people is no more care about the difference. In fact you will find that the modelling design is very unique in the market now small fish tank are made of acrylic material, it entertaining than glass fish tank, and not easily broken, so popular on the market at present. The acrylic aquarium than glass fish tank in where? Acrylic fish tank the biggest characteristic is the light performance is good, high transparent clarity, and prevent the UV ( Uv) Function, the sun for a long time without affecting the transparency, so a high ornamental value. Second, acrylic high impact resistance, in the case of stress or shock, also won't hurt burst phenomenon, absolutely safe and reliable. It is safer than glass fish tank. Especially small acrylic fish tank is very suitable for home life, in a family with small children or the elderly is safe, no glass pieces are easy to hurt people. Acrylic fish tanks, of course, this is so beautiful like it because it strange shape design, this was no ordinary glass fish tank, because of the yakeli stronger than glass processability. More special is acrylic photo aquarium also can deserve to go up photos, elegant chic tank shape, plus nature form beautiful environment, the fish with photos more creative, make life more full of interest and vitality. Dongguan Noble allow acrylic products factory can be customized for clients a variety of novel styles of acrylic small fish tank, wall-mountable aquarium, for example, transparent heart-shaped aquarium, acrylic photo aquarium, etc, all shapes of styles, the price also cheap. We provide personalization service, you only need to for.
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