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Acrylic fish tank to use? When using need to pay attention to?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-11
1, acrylic fish tank for good weather resistance and acid and alkali. 2, acrylic fish tank insulation excellent performance. 3, acrylic aquarium pervious to light is good, can reach more than 92%, the light intensity is small, saves the electricity. 4, acrylic aquarium impact resistance is strong, is 16 times of common glass. 5, acrylic fish tank, long life, compared with other material tank, more than thirty years of life. 6, acrylic light dead weight, lighter than common glass half, buildings and stent under load is small. 7, acrylic aquarium colorful, high brightness, is can't than other materials. 8, acrylic aquarium plasticity, model change is big, processing forming easily. 9, easy maintenance, easy to clean, the rain can be natural cleaning, or with soap and soft cloth is swabbed acrylic aquarium is one of the furniture products are very valuable, so we must pay attention to when the choose and buy, to buy high quality acrylic fish tank. When the choose and buy must pay attention to the acrylic fish tank surface scratch, scratch, presence of nodules circular vortex, surface shrinkage, crack, hemp spot, mildew spot, alkali trace, among which, plank presence of air bubbles and foreign material. Glass fish tank transparency high, not easy scratches, strong compression performance. Can be directly with water cleaning the dust in the organic glass fish tank top, if there is oil pollution, can then add water to wipe with mild detergent; Keep bright; If acrylic fish tank accidentally damaged, you can use the IPS adhesive glue adhesive methylene chloride type of gelling agent or quick-drying agent then. It is Noble allow acrylic processing factory to introduce the relevant acrylic aquariums and acrylic attention when using the hope can help you
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