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Acrylic ( Organic glass) The advantages and disadvantages

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-04
Advantages of acrylic high transparency, light transmittance was 92%, and the have & quot; Plastic crystal & quot; A reputation. And has excellent weather resistance, acid-proof, alkali resistance. Especially used in outdoor, in the other plastics, and have good surface hardness and gloss, processing plasticity is big, the heat time is of the factory, can be made into various shapes and the product you need. There are many types of the other plate color is rich, Including the translucent color swatches) And the other is characterized by thick plate can still maintain a high transparency. Acrylic ( Organic glass) After ceramic can produce sanitary ware is one of the best new materials. Compared with the traditional ceramic material, acrylic, Organic glass) In addition to the unparalleled high brightness, has the following advantages: good toughness, not easy to damage; Repair strong sex, as long as the dip in with soft foam wiping the new point of toothpaste can be clean; Sense of texture is soft, no bitter cold winter; Colourful, can satisfy the personality of different grade. Acrylic ( Organic glass) Production of basin, bathtub, sit implement, not only design is elegant, durable, and have environmental protection effect, the degree of radiation of radiation and the body's own bone. Acrylic ( Organic glass) Sanitary ware originated in the United States, has accounted for more than 70% of the whole international market. Acrylic ( Organic glass) Not glass & quot; Weak & quot; , impact resistant to 200 times stronger than ordinary glass, can't craze. Its bearing quality along with the change of thickness change, the more thick, the consolidation; Acrylic ( Organic glass) Have a strong side, also has the characteristics of the flexible, it is very appropriate appearance, corner radian all can be completed through the skills. Its heat preservation function also is better than the glass, not like glass & quot; On the surface of cold & quot; , but it also led to its thermal performance is bad. 1, good weather resistance and acid-proof alkaline, perennial use will not produce discoloration because or yellowing phenomenon, and easy maintenance, easy to clean; 2, pervious to light, excellent acrylic material is mainly known for permeability is strong, especially made the lamp, the required light intensity is small, very save electricity; 3, the fight against strong sex, 16 times that of ordinary glass, suitable for installation in special need security zone; 4, good toughness, not easy to damage; Repair strong sex, as long as the dip in with soft foam wiping the new point of toothpaste can be clean; 5, good insulation performance, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment, high plasticity, model change is big, easy to processing molding; 6, texture is soft, not the feeling of freezing cold in winter; 7, made of acrylic basin, sit implement, bath crock, design is not only elegant, durable, and have environmental protection effect, its radiation is almost the same with the body's own bone radiation levels; 8, colorful, high brightness, permeability is strong, very suitable for gift and; 9, high recovery rate, is increasingly strengthen environmental protection consciousness. Disadvantages 1, acrylic surface soft, easy to scratch; 2, acrylic material price is high; 3, there are a lot of defective goods on the market, because of the yakeli ( Organic glass) Production is difficult, the cost is high, so there are a lot of quality cheap cheap substitutes, the substitute is also called & other Acrylic ( Organic glass) ” , it is ordinary organic board or composite board ( Also called sandwich panels) 。 Ordinary organic plate with ordinary organic glass cracking of a pigmented casting and become, the surface hardness is low, easy to fade, use after fine grinding polishing effect is poor. Composite board only on the surface of a thin layer of acrylic ( Organic glass) , the middle one is ABS plastic, the use of the affected by the heat bilges cold shrink easy to take off the floor. True and false acrylic ( Organic glass) , in the cross section of the sheet is available from slight color difference to identify and polishing effect.
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