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Acrylic photo frame picture frame can protect photos?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-07
The answer is yes. Acrylic photo frame can make photos to save more, acid and alkali corrosion, not because of external conditions under the influence of the sun rain, not because of an accident of break off, and economical and beautiful, feel free to choose acrylic photo frames! Acrylic picture frame hanging wall, acrylic creative photo frame and acrylic phase plane phase of customization, Noble allow display USES the high quality acrylic, imported acrylic granular material, combined with the Noble allow show the first-class production technology. Offers a variety of styles of photo frame picture frame phase, both the dimensions, or creative personality, existing in studio or home or personal photo, or make a picture frame wall or table, acrylic photo frame pervious to light comparable with the simple sense of glass, quality lighter than common glass, high hardness, resistance than common glass broke. Acrylic photo frame safer than glass, durable, rich and exquisite texture, feel comfortable; Different color acrylic photo frame, make the choice is wider, changing the photo is simple convenient and quick. Fashion contracted acrylic photo frame, put in the bedroom that occupy the home, company showrooms, commodity poster exhibition, studio personalization, etc. Acrylic picture frame for features: 1. Easy to processing. Acrylic variable RuanSu shape when around 180 ℃, the temperature cooled to room temperature to finalize the design. 2. Light. Acrylic material density is smaller than glass density, much lighter than the same volume material quality. 3. Good oxidation resistance, not easy deformation and discoloration. 4. Good shape, not easy broken. 5. Good penetrability, fighting the strong, good plasticity Noble allow show welcome industry of new and old customers to visit our factory and guide. Factory company website: http://www. klk98。 Com /, 7 * 24 hours service hotline; 4008 - 959 - 252
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