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Acrylic products box to make life more beautiful

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-30
Acrylic products box in life are everywhere, part of the application to food range, we can see all kinds of acrylic products in the supermarket box, each box filled with different food. Due to the transparent acrylic products box, can the product very good, let consumer can better see all the full of food. Material is qualitative hardness is several times higher than the glass box, durable. Acrylic products box is made of transparent polymer materials, light transmittance can reach 92%, is much better than the ordinary light transmittance, because ordinary glass can cast ultraviolet ray only 0. 6%, while the organic glass can through the ultraviolet light can reach 73%. The strength of acrylic products box itself is higher, its resistance and tensile resistance is 7 to common glass 18 times. Acrylic is not only a good industrial material, and plastic rubber crystal, can meet the different tastes of personality, add more than one color to your life.
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