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Acrylic products can be high temperature resistant?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-30
Acrylic products now more and more widely use, many of which need to be used in outdoor, so, acrylic products can not ability of high temperature? Acrylic exposure will crack and deformation? Below Noble allow acrylic products heat related knowledge to share with you, the hope can help you. 1, the acrylic is made from poly (methyl acrylic cresol, methyl acrylic acid methyl cresol contains polar side, has strong hygroscopicity, bibulous rate is generally in the acrylic must be kept dry, dry condition is 78 ℃ Under the 80 ℃ drying 5 - 6h。 2, acrylic polymer, is a kind of invisible are reduced, the scope of its contraction is in commonly 0. 45% - 0. 9, so for the forming precision of acrylic products production time provides a good condition, usually forming is very accurate. 3, acrylic by methyl acrylic cresol on the surrounding temperature of the range is not ordinary fluid resistance, but has the non Newtonian fluid, so in the case of high temperature, organic glass solution viscosity will go down, this is a manifestation of the acrylic products is sensitive to temperature. 4, acrylic in the process of flow temperature is generally at about 150 ℃, but when the acrylic starts to break down, the temperature is above 270 ℃, so in terms of temperature change is very flexible, not influenced by temperature and production, high temperature resistance is one of the characteristics of organic glass. Acrylic products not only the ability of high temperature, the other acrylic and the characteristics of easy to clean, it is after the ceramic can be made the best new materials of sanitary ware. In real life, kitchen, toilet clean clean, let us feel very upset. Some lampblack is not easy to clean, some dirt is not easy to wash off, but as long as the use of acrylic products made of hearth, cabinets and other items, are very easy to clean.
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