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Acrylic products have?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-01
Used acrylic material products in recent years, more and more is also good, the snack street house, chain convenience stores, you will find all sorts of style acrylic snacks display shelf. Into the large and small shopping malls supermarkets, basic everywhere such information card, there is customer must be need customer supreme service idea. That requires specialized information guidance, acrylic price tickets, acrylic sign and so on. Into all kinds of cake shop, all kinds of large and small acrylic shelf cake, fruit tray, and so on. Not only these, acrylic also has been applied to various industries. 1, the advertising industry appeared on the path of advertising signs, advertising lights, and advertising exhibition stand the vast majority are mainly acrylic materials refined but become. 2, medicine industry in recent years, the medical industry also began to popularize the application of acrylic products in great quantities, people can see all kinds of different surgical medical instruments from the acrylic preservation box, there are also a part of the acrylic is also used production of infant incubator. 3, the construction industry due to its excellent toughness and high uv acrylic is widely used in doors and Windows profiles, canopy, panels, exterior design, etc. 4, the automobile industry in the car, acrylic plate for car Windows, interior trim plate and shell, fenders, etc. , as well as motorcycle windshield. Color acrylic sheet is also used in automobile indicator cap, indoor chimney, etc. Acrylic is also used to ship, Salt tolerance) And aerospace applications. 5, electronic products due to its excellent optical transparency, high light penetration and scratch resistance, acrylic widely used in LCD/LED TV screen, laptop computers, smart phones and electronic display monitor. To sum up, acrylic because transparency, good toughness and beautiful and special performance can be molded into any shape, such as has been applied to various industries. And in the future will be more and more widely used.
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