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Acrylic products packaging transportation?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-29
Recently received some questions about the acrylic products transport, acrylic products, although is not easy to be broken, but if the friction prone to serious scratches, for even though it does not affect the use effect is beautiful. To avoid this kind of situation, so in the process of our transportation, we need to pay special attention to packing. Acrylic products transportation in the process of surface can't touch each other, each other between surface and surface needs to be something. If is yakeli board surface can be a layer of membrane, but the membrane cannot break oh, suggest that you can use the pearl cotton separated, moreover loading to the position of the fixed yakeli, ensure that won't happen in the process of transport of acrylic products displacement impact each other. If it is acrylic products are with good packing box, between products and packaging fort PP bag, bubble bag or foam fixed acrylic products such as the location of the box. Dongguan Noble allow acrylic products processing plants, 20 years of technical elite, acrylic craft, USES the import high quality materials, advanced technology and equipment, and efficient production, welcome calls: 4008 - 959 - 252
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