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Acrylic products processing machinery processing

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-03
Because of the yakeli board good processability, acrylic custom when except is made of hot bending forming and bonding process, mechanical processing way also is commonly used method. Acrylic products processing technology including cutting, carving, hollow out and edge grinding, commonly used equipment, including CNC and laser engraving cutting machine. CNC is suitable for the production more efficient, and laser engraving for complex nearly hollow out provides a convenient and surface processing. After many years development, especially in recent years for acrylic custom CNC and more advanced laser engraving equipment, continuous innovation, the degree of automation and machining precision has the very big enhancement, give acrylic custom also provides a better quality upgrade opportunities. Noble allow focus acrylic products processing for twenty years, in an acrylic processing technology, continuous improvement, in the past we have for the factory with two sets of CNC, a diamond polishing machine, a large cutting machine, greatly improve the efficiency of our production, strive to achieve fast and good. Noble allow has been working hard! Has been in progress!
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