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Acrylic products silk screen LOGO easy erase?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-04
Doing Noble allow consultants reception, I found that there are quite a few new to acrylic materials industry customers will raise such a question, & other; The LOGO is very easy to wipe off & throughout; 。 Noble today allow small make up to unify with questions about acrylic products silk screen: actually acrylic in essence, belongs to a kind of plastic, the surface is easily attached to oily paint. As long as not deliberately take sharp objects to scratch the LOGO, are generally will not fall. So is there any way to improve the effect of silk screen? Due to the screen printing used in paint is belong to oily substances, and acrylic itself is the plastic polymer, surface adhesion is very poor, especially those on the surface of the acrylic oil, has a great influence on the effects of the printing. So before printing it must ensure that the acrylic surface clean. 2. Screen printing simple speak is to let the ink adhesion on the surface of acrylic, so the printing effect is good or bad to some degree depends on the quality of the ink layer use original imported paint, can make the printing effect is better. 3. Add the right proportion of curing agent, can improve the drying time of paint, improve the printing effect.
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