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Acrylic products use should pay attention to?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-03
With acrylic products become more and more popular, presumably most people in life will be more or less to use acrylic products so you know, acrylic products in use process need to pay attention to what? Please see details below: acrylic is made from poly (methyl acrylic cresol, methyl acrylic acid methyl cresol contains polar side, has strong hygroscopicity, bibulous rate is generally in the acrylic must be kept dry, dry condition is 78 ℃ Under the 80 ℃ drying 5 - 6h。 A, ordinary acrylic plate thermal deformation stability about 100 degrees or so, so at the time of acrylic products are used to pay attention to the temperature, such as at the time of continuous use temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees. Second, acrylic products surface hardness is equivalent aluminum, so when using or acrylic processing should be careful to avoid the surface scratches. If by polishing scratches can restore the original luster surface. Three, in the minor scratch or caused by electrostatic adsorption of dust of acrylic products fuzzy or unclean can use dipped 1% of soap and water in conjunction with the soft cloth to wipe clean can. Four, this is in the process of acrylic products assembly need to pay attention to details, because the coefficient of expansion of acrylic has certain, so must take into account when installing a heat bilges cold shrink factor of acrylic, must leave expansion of space when assembly clearance. So after read the above introduction, you is not good for how to use the acrylic much more intentional got this material? Pay more attention to acrylic products: http://www. klk98。 com
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