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Acrylic sign 丨 acrylic sign 丨 yakeli billboard 丨 dongguan kai rick show custom production

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-15
The acrylic table on the market brand sign is not uncommon, organic glass, all kinds of style and size! Prices also each are not identical, currently on the market on the number of CARDS is the most common L type and T type two, although both are Taiwan card, but the production process is totally different. L a card with hot bending technique is usually use 3 mm transparent acrylic board hot bending, cutting board, adhesive, such as technology, runway card via the bottom of the plate cutting, milling, magnet and bonding technology. Compare the making craft of two sets of brand, belongs to the l-shaped simpler. So the price is cheaper than T. Two same contracted and the atmosphere, is the be fond of according to the customer to choose. Noble allow acrylic processing factory has 20 years of industry experience, material use concentrate, advanced equipment, the factory is equipped with large laser engraving machine, flame polishing machine, drilling machine, bending machine, etc. Made of high transparent acrylic products without impurities, favored by the major merchants! Design simple atmosphere, the price is cheap! Is the best choice for merchants! Noble allow acrylic products companies, and other more style of the brand can be customized, such as: V, type I, triangular, wine card, meal card, billboards, signs, etc. , are our Noble allow acrylic factory strengths! Welcome to come to ordering, service hotline: 4008 - 959 - 252.
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