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Acrylic transparent pet box?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-11
Pet box of acrylic material advantages: a beautiful sex, organic glass, the mirror effect, and exquisite craft, no fold, without seam; Second, the visual effect of organic glass, color variety, strong visual impact; Three, organic glass pervious to light quality, light transmittance can reach 96%, excellent light transmittance, the light is soft; Four, organic glass, impact resistance: it is 200 times more than ordinary glass products, almost no risk of fracture; The durability of five, organic glass, products for the built-in light source has a very good protection, prolong the life of the light source products use; Hou resistance of six, organic glass, insurable not fade for a long time, good quality plate use fixed number of year for up to 6 - For 13 years. Seven, organic glass flame resistance: there will be no spontaneous combustion and self-extinguishing; Eight, organic glass energy-saving sex: transmission of light is very good, less light, save electricity, reduce the cost of using; Nine, the rationality of the organic glass: the rationality of design and waterproof moisture-proof, open structure, easy to clean and maintenance, etc. Finish see the advantages of the acrylic, I believe you have found the answer, finally to amway a professional acrylic pet box processing custom factory & ndash; Noble allow display manufactory. If still have what want to know or need to customize the acrylic pet box welcome feel free to contact us. Our service hot line: 4008 - 959 - 252
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