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Acrylic trophy MEDALS

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-25
Generally we are seeing the MEDALS are made of brass or crystal trophy, so many people ask the acrylic medal will not as rich as gold and silver or crystal trophy feeling? It completely don't worry, if you want to know the acrylic material transparency is very high, the polishing processing of MEDALS transparency can be comparable to the crystal bright effect, the high-end looks very beautiful. Acrylic materials medal made of? Acrylic medal because made of acrylic so has all excellent properties of acrylic, crystal and clear high-grade beautiful, can be processed into various shapes of the MEDALS, and acrylic medal impact resistance is strong, abrasion resistant adaptability to the natural environment is also good. Acrylic medal has and the effect of crystal MEDALS, but compared to crystalline materials, acrylic materials are more, so the price a little cheaper. Compared with the traditional trophy MEDALS, acrylic medal can keep bright as new, even if a long time in the past transparent acrylic medal is still like new, so in recent years is the most used all kinds of acrylic trophies MEDALS. Noble allow yakeli MEDALS can be customized according to customer's requirement, the design and modelling can be designed, and an acrylic plate also has a variety of color specifications to choose from, to produce acrylic medal do manual work is delicate, novel styles, welcome general merchants come to visit our factory field investigation.
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