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Acrylic trophy? Ok?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-26
See the trophy on the market there are many kinds of material: solid wood, plastic, metal, glass, crystal, and, of course, the acrylic ( Organic glass) And other kinds of materials. Noble today allow small make up to you to introduce acrylic material ( Organic glass) The acrylic trophy. Acrylic is a kind of good transparency, pervious to light, weather resistance, stability are good materials. Compared with glass or crystal, acrylic, transparent or light transmittance is nothing less than two material is harder than glass, like crystal. But the price is lower than both, easy processing, the material source of customized trophy of choice. Acrylic is easy to processing, carving can be carved according to need much shape, and the thickness of the optional more widely than glass and crystal. Yakeli the surface is smooth, high light transmittance, printing, color patterns and logo. And the quality of the acrylic itself heavier, give a person more than a kind of massiness. Acrylic trophy is the design of the structure tend to add a black light base, the base color is very easy, and text printing all kinds of logo design, make the person be clear at a glance. If there is need to can make hollow pattern, the acrylic trophy base inside with LED lights, etc. , make the acrylic trophy into a beautiful cup. Acrylic trophy is not only a kind of MEDALS, prizes, but also a gift or collection, acrylic itself has decided the characteristics of the unique advantages of its material do the cup.
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