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Acrylic trophy seamless hot-pressing process

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-06
Acrylic trophy applied widely in market expanding, the new demand for acrylic technology rapid development, seamless hot-pressing acrylic trophy is the domestic emerging technology in recent years, through the arc oven heating and high pressure, make two pieces of acrylic seamless pressure together, called acrylic seamless hot-pressing technology. Acrylic trophy seamless hot-pressing characteristics: 1, acid, alkaline and climate adaptability is strong, not because they are placed in the outdoor soon lose its luster and yellowing. 2, long service life, long service life of the product than ordinary craft out 3 years to 5 years. 3, pervious to light is good: in the store, you can use different lights apply colours to a drawing gives a colorful color, very gorgeous. 4, strong impact resistance, impact resistant ability stronger than ordinary acrylic products, can deal with some bad environment. 5, excellent insulation performance, suitable for all kinds of conductive electrical equipment. 6, light weight, more than the ordinary acrylic light, mobile and easy to use. Acrylic itself characteristics lead to easy processing, good hot ductility and plasticity after heating, by the oven and the use of high power high voltage equipment can be different acrylic seamless pressure together, then after grinding and polishing the glittering and translucent get rid of acrylic products, loved by the masses.
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