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After the third best horse MEDALS out, run the friends feelings. 。 。 。 。 。

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-27
In the third in the gallery forest a half when he is close to the end of the registration, the horse coming out of the MEDALS design & hellip; … After watching the design, running friend & other; Query & throughout; Organizers of the macondo: best horse medal designer, you also too lazy too casual? Why will have this question, you look at to know. The first hundred horse MEDALS, with pine nuts for visual elements, the bottom of a very small squirrel, two years ago, the squirrels have not grown up. After a year of time, the second best horse, pine nuts, squirrels, grow up. The third best horses, big squirrel suddenly turned into two MEDALS, originally in the gallery too good ecological environment, attracted nonlocal squirrel came to when daughter-in-law! Small squirrel become a squirrel, from single mouse become married mouse, the horse medal designer, drama academy is calling, please? Zha play so much? Ok, now I can imagine, the fourth squirrel gave birth to a child, the fifth squirrels have two children. 。 。 。 。 。 The MEDALS, into a series of stories, macondo is a circle. , of course, in addition to the squirrel in love, the third best medal and the window: the obverse design is the form of scrolls, like a picture of our race in miniature picture gallery, painting on the pine tree, a squirrel, a pine nuts & hellip; … On the reverse design, more intuitively reflected & other; People running in the woods & throughout; The theme, you ran on the track of thyme gallery, as if place oneself in painting. Suit the macondo & sponsored by other Small and beautiful & throughout; Boutique event concept. Of course, in addition to the medal, other highlights of the horse also nots allow to ignore: the third Beijing thyme landscape gallery forest marathon will be on August 27, 2017, Sunday) At 7:30 in yanqing district town in thousands of stores scenery scenic spot at the gallery. Along the track in landscape gallery, mountains, green water surrounded, don't you want to experience? The game: only a half project ( 21. 0975公里) , 5000 places, first come first served basis. Beijing is the most beautiful marathon. 3. 0: in & all the other Forests, rivers and flowers & throughout; Thyme landscape gallery, enjoy the carefree running in lush forest roads. Forest coverage, natural oxygen bar: thyme gallery nearly 70% forest coverage, natural oxygen enrichment, let your body every pore in the wet & other; Dense breath & throughout; In 15 ℃ - Green run wild in the 23 ℃. Track is smooth and abuse: fully enclosed, the condition of full excellent road track, several times & other; Fresh & throughout; Climb allows you to experience a different Angle & other Abuse & throughout; , let you the pursuit of stimulation, seeking challenges. Asa had certification track: fair guarantee certification track events, let you no longer run to success. Green farm landscape taste the joy of: eat live as ordered, and urban is not the same day, simple life experience, feeling the peasant of landscape. Article source: sina weibo custom MEDALS, marathon medal, custom MEDALS, games MEDALS, choose a crossbow, right! More MEDALS custom please check: https://www. nobleaward。 com/
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