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Arts and crafts introduction to design basis and trophy cup effect have?

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-26
In general, enterprises or units need the cup such as gifts, is conducted through the gift company to purchase. But direct producers and manufacturers of gift company is not a handicraft, but our handicraft factory is a design, production, sales and distribution set one of the manufacturers, make purchasing trophy companies to reduce the unnecessary trouble, and can eliminate the middle be made to the cost of gift company. As a trophy MEDALS design manufacturer, the following we discuss about the cup have what effect? On what basis and the design of the cup? 1, awarded to contest winners trophies have what roles, especially in sports very much, is a symbol of honor and the value of sports. 2, reward personal, outstanding units, outstanding group, promote the individual and group progress, play the role of incentives. 3, professional custom trophy, give a person with representative and reward of success, also includes spiritual encouragement, kill two birds with one stone. What is cup on handicraft factory design basis? 1, according to the trophy the meanings of the custom, the main purpose to design. 2, the size of the cup, according to the actual needs of customers design. 3, the shape of cup appearance, such as plane, 3 d, according to the customer's use and determined. 4, trophy material, material decided the quality of the trophy, it is very important. 5, handicraft factory before making the cup to make production according to the customer, until satisfied, designers will help you warmly and finished cup size, shape, style, custom.
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