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Badge badge collection: learning how to become a connoisseur collection?

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-20
Badge collection is a science. As the ceaseless improvement of people's living conditions and taste, social culture has been divided and prosperity, and badge collection is & other Social culture & throughout; A part of, also will prosper. As a collector of badges, advancing with The Times, to learn more knowledge about the badge collection is required, because only in this way, you can grow up to be a real badge collection expert, not just lover. A badge collection lovers, not only to understand the origin of the badge, and know the relevant knowledge of the emblem, contains the history of badges, badge type, badges, badge identification process knowledge, etc. This paper mainly introduces the origin of badges, badge badge kinds, method of identification badges and assessment methods, hope to help badge collection lovers. Before collecting a badge, the first thing to understand the origin of this badge. As the saying goes, a badge represents a history, if you are not familiar with the history of this badge, the collection badge also don't talk about. Can say, the history of the badge badge is to determine the price of the first standard, a no history of badges, there is no & other; Collection value & throughout; . So, before the collection, you must be detailed to study the history of the emblem, can correctly to assess the value of it. For a new badge, would you like to have an eye for development through the badges, badge that can predict which period in the future price will double. Badge of kmt-cpc cooperation period, for example, the real thing is less, and is a necessary part of development of the communist party, must be in the future will rise; And Shanghai world expo emblem, for example, China's 2008 Olympic badges, etc. , are all badges collectors focus in recent years. You can through various channels to understand the origin of a badge, and the Internet is one of the most easy and convenient way. Second, before a badge collection, do you want to know the types of the badge. Badges can be, in general, from its form and classification process, from the badge process can be divided into the enamel badges, imitation enamel badges, badge of the lacquer that bake, punching badges, badge and bit edition badge printing, etc. Badges can be roughly divided into institutions from the badge form, ba, various groups including the national emblem, badges, badge, ever, crest, factory emblem, company badge, etc. ; Uniform emblem, including the shoulder ( Chapter) Emblem, cap badge, collar badge, tie clip, sleeve emblem, etc. ; Commemorative badges, including honorary MEDALS, badges, MEDALS, MEDALS, tourism memorial badge with sb on it, and so on. A badge of collection value, save the time for a long time, even can save more than one hundred years, its necessarily superior craftsmanship. To be a badge collection, also can really fake identification badges. For a badge collectors, able to identify the authenticity of a badge, it is indisputable. In general, can be mainly from the following several aspects to distinguish. 1, look from size shape. Ocellatus, in general, for irregular graphics, and pseudo chapter is made, ocellatus computer plate-making FanKe, diameter and thickness and will be slightly thinner. 2, look from the material quality. Ocellatus for red copper, dense texture of primitive simplicity, feel a heavy. The pseudo chapter is likely to be shoddy. Identify the badge. 3, from the point of view of technology. Ocellatus is using molded or hydraulic press forging, obtuse smooth edges, patina of natural of primitive simplicity. Pseudo chapter is to use inferior copper punch out, sharp edges scraped hand or a file mark, new bright color, no natural patina of oxide layer. Chapters in general, the puppet government, the republic of China, foreign chapter, this chapter from design to manufacture are fine rigorous, painting and calligraphy is very beautiful and the craft is exquisite. Ancient city common pseudo chapter for more on the liberated areas, the majority of the old revolutionary base areas, this kind of material is easy to find in chapter, simple design, the craft is simple, a fraud possibility. Identify the badge. 4, look from the decorative paint. True badge grain even thickness, deep fluid, after years of wear and tear of the lacquer that bake disappear naturally, the edge is clear, no smell of paint. Thickness unevenness of pseudo chapter grain, simple and vague, paint not divide evenly coloured drawing or pattern, the more out of line, the gaudy new bright, and may be accompanied by a strong smell of paint. Identify the badge.
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