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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-24
The badges produced by the baking varnish process have bright colors, clear lines and stripes, and a strong texture, but the baking varnish process cannot achieve the effect of color gradation. In the process of making badges, the patterns are complex and the colors are many. The color gradient is the most suitable for patching process, and the badges produced are clear and smooth. Take the Gansu Lanzhou Yellow River Doll as an example. This badge is mainly made of zinc alloy and is mainly composed of the 'Yellow River DollThe design style of 'Yellow River Doll' makes the overall image more vivid and three-dimensional; the gesture of smiling, holding a torch and running shows the sportsmanship and friendly feelings of the people of Lanzhou. Size: 34.4mm*40.5mm Production process: zinc alloy die-casting + patch process + electroplating process Badge customization manufacturer: Nubo Culture Development Co., Ltd. What is the paint badge? Let’s take an example. Take the LOVE RUNNING 538 badge as an example, which is mainly made of zinc alloy die-casting. The “Love RUNNING 538” is based on the concept of participation, benefit for everyone, fitness every day, and happiness every day. Two The character pattern represents the athletes on the sports field, and the color is added to reflect the sports spirit of the national sports and a heart that loves to run. Size: 31.7mm*40.6mm Production process: Zinc alloy die-casting + baking paint process + electroplating process Custom badge manufacturer: Nubo Culture Development Co., Ltd.
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