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Badge making basic principle of color is tie-in

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-16
Many companies have started to pay attention to their own corporate culture, design some badge and logo for promotion in succession, and when we are in the design of badge, requires attention to detail, to make badge production more smoothly, can better guarantee the people, the effect of the finished product color is in need of attention problems. Design consideration, from which aspect emblem in everyone's mind is very casual, for the use of the color that oneself like is very bold, but this is not correct, the effect is not able to have a very good color, so we need pay attention to this problem, the very professional badge making people recommend, must according to remind of professional design, can play a good effect, at the time of making badges can also very smooth, not because the collocation of color problems led to the production, it is a big trouble. More badge making knowledge refer to: WWW. ysgou。 com
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