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Badge making compact type, economical commemorative gifts

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-22
Small, just as its name implies, refers to the appearance or small devices, gifts, etc. So small badge handicraft, mean the badge is small scale appearance commemorative gifts, easy to carry, but also has certain value for collection. Commonly used in some important fields spread the anniversary celebration, sports games, advertising planning, government agencies, and unit of identity and commemorative purposes. To make suitable badge, one to look at the use of badges, if is to customize the anniversary celebration badge, can choose enamel badges or imitation enamel badges, exquisite workmanship, high grade. If only the general promotion can make printed badge or tinplate badge, have certain texture, appearance is simple and easy. Two depends on the design of the emblem, single color and each color available metal line separates, can consider to enamel, imitation enamel or badges of the lacquer that bake, 3, according to their own about the price of the budget, use choice suitable process, can make enamel or imitation enamel badges, mid-range has printed badge and bit edition badge, etc. , relatively inexpensive choice of tinplate badge, etc. Different prices, different quality, crossbow Po & ndash; 31 years focus compact type made badge, medal, MEDALS, commemorative COINS, key chain, cufflinks, embroidery, woven label, ribbon gift gift crafts and so on a series of products, etc. Economical and practical, stable quality, welcome the masses of customers friends to inquire: 86 - 579 - 85596776 thank you. ( In this paper, by the crossbow small bo tourism handicraft article, reprint must indicate the source: http://www. ysgou。 Com, cherish other people's work achievement, is to respect yourself) 。
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