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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-23
Now the coloring of badges is done automatically by machines. Why is the unit price so expensive? Maybe this is a problem we often encounter, so this article mainly talks about the details of the color of the badge. The process of badge customization really needs to be colored by the dispenser. Just enter the corresponding color value into the corresponding coordinate position to make the dispenser complete automatically, but the machine is a machine after all, and it cannot color all the badges. . What the dispenser completes is only a local large-scale coloring, and this small-scale color needs to be manually colored. The specific operation is as follows: The badge colored by the dispenser passes the operator, and then compares the template to further manually color, such as the clothes buttons of the characters in the Disney badge, etc., the tiny places where the dispenser cannot be colored, manually color them, and find the corresponding Color, and then use a syringe to complement the color. Although this coloring range is small, the labor cost is very long. This is why the more colors the badges are customized, the higher the price.
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