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Badges custom: badges and badge of differences

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-16
Crossbow every time the client of arts and crafts to consulting a lot of the badges and badge can't tell, some customers actually need is customized badges, but the search keywords is the breastpiece customization, believe that in addition to these customers, and many users are confused badge and the breastpiece, today by crossbow handicraft in detail for you the badge and the breastpiece differences: badge is generally wear in the body to indicate the identity, occupation. It has a long history, the origin can be traced back to primitive society clan tribal totem sign. Badges is a hanging string or button on top left a nag, or introduce small signs, most of the wear on the suit, suits, suit a badge, have the effect of a introduce unit. Above is: custom badge above as: custom badges badges and badge of different USES different custom badges is mainly used for enterprise staff position, type of work of an effective identification tag, custom badges are used for enterprise unified image recognition, such as major celebrations, business activities. Different badges for industry applies to the third industry, such as services attendants, the monopoly shop assistant, the enterprise occupation, type of work allocation, etc. Symbol badge mostly to champions league said, such as company logo badge, association, etc. More applicable to the association, body center, large enterprise groups, business activities, etc. Name on different called employee badges, employees more than the breastpiece chest plate, staff card, employee card, etc. , such as hotel employee badges. Badges are referred to as the emblem, enterprise activity badges, badge, MEDALS, etc. Craft that make different badges are mostly common process, such as acrylic breastplate. Badges are stamping moulds, such as high-grade commemorative badges, guild emblem, such as the association member badge. Class division in the real business negotiation, many customers are indeed badge of exquisite design technique of expression and fine craftsmanship, so in reality, often mistaken for badge. Badge and the breastpiece not high-grade, fine, and the breastpiece do manual work is simple. In fact this is a mistake. Good badges on the design, material selection and so on is no more than a badge. Shape different badges with rectangle, square, oval, round multiple, badges, often with special-shaped see more, according to the shape of the logo of the enterprise to determine the model. Whether badge custom or breastplate customization, crossbow, arts and crafts are welcome your consultation! www。 ysgou。 Com or 13310812313 miss guo
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