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If you’re looking to purchase glass plaque engraving online, you may be wondering where to start. You’ll find that Noble Awards can custom glass plaque with plenty of options.

Main features of plaques include:

Purpose (single commemoration or perpetual plaque)

How it can be displayed (hung or standing with stake)

Where it can be displayed (inside or outside)

Material (usually wood and/or metal, but sometimes marble, stone, glass, acrylic, or even leather)

Shape (rectangular, rounded, shield, dimensional, etc.)

Colors (options depend on the type of material)

Content options (text only, logo, image, photo)

Size (your needs will depend on your content)

Price, including the cost of engraving and any quantity discounts

What will the glass plaque commemorate?

Are you recognizing a sports team’s victory? An individual professional achievement? An organizational milestone?

Do you want to honor the life of a deceased person? Or the bravery of a hero?

For any of the above purposes, you can find a wide variety of standard plaque awards that suit your needs.

But perhaps you want to commemorate a series of accomplishments on a single plaque? You may even want to start by recognizing a single event but leave room on the same plaque to recognize future achievements.

For multiple commemorations on a single plaque, you will need to look specifically for what’s called a perpetual plaque.

How much does it need to say?

The quantity of content on your plaque will, of course, determine how large it needs to be.

Do you want to list the names of an entire team, or include a meaningful quote or poem? Or simply note a single accomplishment and possibly the date?

Also keep in mind whether you want to include any imagery. Many plaque styles come with a standard symbolic image, such as an eagle or an athletic-themed image. You can also engrave your logo on many plaques and awards.

But did you know that you can also find plaques with three-dimensional imagery on them? Or, you can even include your own full-color picture with photo plaques!

Where will the custom plaque be displayed?

Will you display your plaque indoors or outdoors? If your glass award plaque will be outside, exposed to the elements, avoid wood and other common plaque materials. You need a plaque that is specifically made to be outdoors and durable enough to maintain its integrity over time. Noble Awards offers cast aluminum, marble and AcrylaStone outdoor plaques and many other plaques that can be displayed indoors.

Also ask yourself whether your plaque will be hung on a wall or freestanding. While wall-hanging plaques are most common, Noble Awards also offers plaque options that can be supported with a stake instead, or curved-glass plaques that can sit upright on a desk or counter.

How do I want it to look?

This is the really fun part. As mentioned above, you can choose plaques that let you include your logo, 2D imagery, 3D imagery or even a photo! And that’s just the beginning.

Consider the shape of your plaque. You can’t go wrong with a standard rectangular plaque, a rounded-corner plaque or a notched-corner plaque. Or, you could get a little creative with a different shape. Noble Awards offers “wreath” plaques with rounded tops and bottoms, plaques shaped like scrolls and others shaped like home plate, specifically for baseball teams. There are also multiple shield-shaped options, which are especially appropriate for law enforcement awards.

Of course, you’ll also want to consider the material and colors.Professional award and trophy manufacturer Noble Awards offers a variety of wood types and finishes, metals and more.

How much am I able to spend?

Once you’ve considered the questions above, browse the engraved plaques and awards available to find those that meet all your criteria and fit in your price range. If necessary, broaden your search a bit and prioritize the criteria that are most important to you.

Look at what’s out there in your price range, even if it doesn’t include all the plaque features you think you want. You may even find something you like even better than what you imagined.

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