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China real estate executives marathon rankings, this general manager is 2 hours and 22 minutes!

by:Noble Awards     2021-05-01
The 2019 China Real Estate Executive Marathon list is released. How many do you know? (Data from Leju Finance) As you can see, there are many women on the list. Let’s get to know them together; 1. Zhang Xiaoying, founder of the 1912 design agency, Zhang Xiaoying, with a total of nearly 50 finish records, so many Han paper is hard to come by.   At the press conference of the 'E-House Competition   And through horse racing, in addition to strengthening the body, it can also strengthen the heart and reshape the spirit. By 2017, she had completed 31 marathons, including 18 full marathons + 13 half marathons, including London, Athens, Singapore and Boston. Plan to run 100 full marathons. 2. Di Jun, the great long-distance runner, has less than 5 years of running experience. He has participated in the whole Marathon 32 times and has repeatedly stood on the top three podiums in the amateur group. The best result of the whole Marathon is 2 hours and 22 minutes, and the half marathon is 1 At 8 hours, it can be described as the first person in the real estate race in the country. 3. Ding Zuyu Ding Zuyu, Executive President of Yiju China, spoke with data:    In Xiamen, January 2015, the first full marathon ran for 4 hours, and then he participated in 5 full marathon races, every run must be PB, with a margin of at least 5 minutes.   Wuxi in March 2015, the second full-marathon advance at 3:40.   In San Francisco, July 2015, the third full-marathon scored 3:30.   Beijing, September 2015, the fourth full-marathon advance at 3:20.   Shanghai in November 2015, the fifth full-marathon scored 3:15.   In Tokyo in February 2016, the sixth full-marathon scored 3:10, reaching the standard of Chinese amateur second-level athletes. Are you also surprised? 4. Mao Daqing    completed his first full marathon in Prague, Czech Republic on May 12, 2013, with a score of 5 hours and 13 minutes. He said that there was only one feeling at the time-I couldn't believe that he could complete it, and he was full of happiness!   From then on, he fell in love with running and ran 96 marathons in 5 years. Life only marathon mileage reached 4895 kilometers.  What is the concept? For example, the two most distant cities in China-from Shuangyashan in the northeast to Kashgar in the west, the straight-line distance is about 4459 kilometers. Simply let the editor worship!  It can be said that being able to participate in a marathon event is definitely a test of the runner's performance, as well as a challenge to self-will and physical strength. However, as the mass base of participating in running fitness increases, more and more people are participating in this extreme sport. 'Running is a manifestation of personal positive energy, and running group is a manifestation of corporate positive energy. Companies should advocate healthy and energetic lifestyles to their employees, so that everyone can work and be healthy, rather than purely overtime.' These words may also be the reason why the real estate giants love running and actively promote running. Among the more than 150 people in Vanke’s headquarters, more than 140 people are excellent in sports and health. The purpose of Vanke’s five-kilometer 'urban running race' was used to summarize: enjoy running and improve personal health; promote organizations to implement employee health Management; love the city, advocate sports and healthy life.   Yes, Either your body or soul must be on theway! Otherwise, why surpass? The real estate tycoons on the marathon track are practising this spirit and conveying the corporate brand image of healthy, progressive and unremitting pursuit.   I have to say that life is like a marathon. Only by running on the road can you live up to the scenery beside the road!
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