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Chinese zodiac crystal handicraft to moral accomplishment

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-13
Crystal has a natural spirituality, its aura if can cooperate and its five lines of Chinese zodiac attribute, can have good luck of the amazing benefits. What are the good luck crystal 12 zodiac signs? Rat rat disposition frank shaw, and is honest, but because of too friendly move often make the person feels very stiff. Be cheerful, happiness and good at communication, care for the friend, you are a one-girl at the same time, few evil feelings pure perfect lover. Lucky crystal, amethyst, green ghost, amber. Make xiao cows personality self, stubborn, prejudice, smart, clever, in an orderly way, a heavy man in traditional concepts. You have a warm heart, always think that love like a deal, think how much their feelings, you should get much in return. Lucky crystal, yellow crystal, amethyst, amber. Tiger tiger, enthusiastic, bold personality, honesty, tenderness, generosity, indecision, emotional and full of a sense of humor, have a kind of attractive, make people unknowingly to follow. Because you are emotional, sometimes tend to be too warm, easy to wear out, alone revel in the joy of himself. Crystal: lucky tiger's eye, yellow crystal, amber. ) xiao rabbit character, studious, kind, graceful, kind and adorable, if others not excessively annoy you, you will never slow to anger. In fact you is very big, the dependence of often feelings also vulnerable. Love for her family and you will get the response of family, because his family will love you very much. Lucky: crystal piece, gold and development. Dragon XiaoLong magnanimous personality, full of anger and power. Like the self-centered, very demanding, very early in life set up ideal, is an idealist, everything is perfect. You are confident, enthusiastic, generous, like to challenge difficult, rarely initiative to love others, crystal handicraft very few to love problems, in most cases is abandoning others, rarely get dumped. Lucky: crystal piece, powder crystal, amber. Snake snake is the most incredible personality, shaw has innate wisdom, mystery, is thoroughly enjoy. Enthusiasm, discretion is one of the personality, you envy is very heavy, as if emotional burst, already no longer love each other, but also want to possession of the other party; You have very strong family values, often acting the head of the family, and ask the spouse and children to respect you. Lucky: crystal violet crystal, crystal powder. Horse horse shaw personality is bright, the thought is agile, prudence, good at rhetoric, insight is strong, I did it my way. Because you mouth sweet tongue slippery, and compassionate, therefore very popular with the opposite sex, especially on the love road has certain advantages. Instead if you're in love, will show enthusiasm, but no patience, sometimes even don't know how to please the opposite sex. Lucky crystal, white crystal, agate. Sheep sheep shaw character integrity, kind, caring, shy, smart, being on land, settle. Because your willpower, and therefore tend to be emotionally vulnerable to temptation, addiction is extremely heavy, in love unconsciously in a passive position. Lucky: crystal tourmaline, white crystal. Monkey monkey shaw character enthusiasm, smart, brave, agile, improvise, do things carefully, not easily swayed by people; Due to wisely, don't do things by halves, colleagues respect, and love the way will make you easy to fall in love with your passion personality. Lucky: crystal powder, yellow crystal. Unitary chicken chicken shaw character is conservative, serious; Love gossip, insight is strong, good examine yan guan is lubricious, be frank, he decisive, but a little too hot temper. On the love road has twists and turns, will do not willing to do for the person I love. Lucky: crystal powder, and development. Character is the dog dog integrity, honest, direct, full of sense of justice; Eg and individual ability, responsible, dedicated, make people around you trust; But in the way of love is an act, introversion is not willing to show their feelings, it brings a lot of trouble. Lucky crystal: amethyst, tourmaline. Pig pig shaw character composed, resolute, kind-hearted, honest, loyal, full of passion; When faced with difficulties, not retreat, be not afraid of hardship bear the difficult things; While on the road, love is a one-girl man. Lucky crystal, agate, yellow crystal.
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