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by:Noble Awards     2020-10-20
In mid-august, dongguan trade online consulting want to customize a movement which can deep enterprise culture, to show the enterprise staff qualifications, dissemination enterprise concept of medal of honor, crossbow with decades of professional knowledge background, in order to meet customer demand as the prerequisite for its recommended a model that can represent the enterprise attaches great importance to the employees and encourage the radical potential of employees and enterprise culture a - Iron badge of the lacquer that bake products. After confirmed with the customer many times draft design of size, craft materials reasonable suggestion, finally determine the client takes us to process, after preliminary proofing samples and later the sample confirmation, crossbows, diversified medal of honor, with its own unique advantages, individual character deeply attracted by the transmission function of the customer, fortunate to be customized medal metal crafts manufacturers. This commemorative medal is a color pigments for enterprise logos in both Chinese and English, by combining with bright, simple and easy and do not cause of complicated process, the main material for soft enamel, use the physical properties of water and ink receptivity, with the aid of printing pressure, the rubber cloth plate by transfer to the tinplate, belong to product of offset lithography. Products are widely used in a variety of specifications size enterprise anniversary JiQingDian, activity planning, games MEDALS, advertising, tourism, and other places. Crossbow borrow rich manufacturing experience, high-quality products and perfect service, accurate and reasonable price, won at home and abroad and overseas countries affirmation and support, at present, we long for cooperation of industry are: association of education industry, powder industry, sports, advertising, tourism and other fields. So the support and recognition crossbow badge custom, MEDALS, movement medal custom quality new and old customers. Are you let us see the hope of enterprise's survival and the confidence of the sustained endeavor. Because of this, we have been always make each product, good service every customer, only to return your sentence: choose a crossbow crafts custom, very worry and quality again. Crossbow, anniversary of the badge, with embroidery, police badge custom delivery fast, reasonable price, welcome customers to map incoming sample custom, satisfy all your custom requirements, hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776 we serve you wholeheartedly. Badges custom case details can be read: http://www. ysgou。 com/dzal。 HTML: thank you.
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