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Commemorative meaning

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-10
COINS is a country in honor of international or domestic politics, history, culture and other aspects of the events, luminaries, scenic spots and historical sites, rare animals and plants, such as sports and issue legal tender, it includes general commemorative COINS and precious metal commemorative COINS. Generally for refined quality, limited release. Precious metal commemorative COINS are theoretically can participate in the circulation, has the circulating medium function. Chinese COINS is a particular subject, is authorized by the state of the People's Bank of China designated national mint and the design and manufacture, unite by the national bank plans to issue legal tender. COINS are usually in order to commemorate important political events in China, traditional culture has a special meaning of things in the issue. Ordinary COINS with market circulation of the face value of the yuan's value is equal, can be in the market circulation at the same time. Commemorative COINS role mainly satisfy the requirement of the public collection, not for circulation. Specific topics and limited release is a major feature of commemorative COINS.
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