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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-13
The three great joys in life are nothing more than when I was inscribed on the gold list, I met my old friends in a foreign country and spent candles in the bridal night. Of course, in addition to this, there is a big happy event, that is the company's anniversary! For the company, it's one year older. For employees, it has grown with the company for another year. Never leave each other and never give up, but also depend on each other. For companies, it is happy and distressed to meet the anniversary. The trouble is that in the face of thousands of gifts, I don't know what commemorative gifts to give to all employees. In fact, this is normal. What gifts to give has always been a difficult problem for people to choose, and even burned out. For this problem, it is easy to solve this problem only by looking for the exact reason. The biggest reason is that many gifts cannot be kept by the employees, which makes the company spend money and fail to commemorate. Let’s take a look at the things about corporate souvenirs: The most cost-effective souvenir for employees to collect is custom-made souvenirs. Its advantages are as follows: 1. Customized souvenirs with high collection value are generally made of gold, silver, and silver. Made of copper, alloy and other materials, equipped with matching packaging can be used as ornaments, and also has the value of investment and collection. 2. The corporate publicity is strong. The company logo and the number of years of establishment can be printed on the commemorative medals, which can help them to promote the corporate image. You can also spread the corporate image and culture through gifts and exhibitions when you get commemorative coins. It will better deepen the impression of the corporate brand in the minds of users. 3. Low cost and short production cycle. The custom-made commemorative medal only needs about 10-15 days to complete, and the production cost can be greatly reduced when the factory direct sales. Therefore, the best souvenir for a corporate anniversary is a medal/commemorative coin!
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