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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-15
Commemorative medals are easy to order, but the content requires a little thought. I really can't think of it without some basic writing. The contemporary commemorative medal has become a bridge linking each other's friendship. It was once widely adopted by schools, comrades-in-arms, running groups, and societies to commemorate the years of hard work and the road that we have traveled together. Looking back, Muran looked back and found that this friendship was true. It's very pure. What kind of words are usually engraved to trigger the roommates when the medals are customized. After all, the size is so large. It needs to be very incisive and short to meet the specifications for customized medals. Here I will introduce you to several crossbow medals. Look at the above. What kind of engraving, did it touch you? 1. Yuhang Senior Middle School's 2018 Adult's Day Eight-character motto: Eighteen are ambitions, and the responsibility is right. At the age of 18, he has entered adulthood, and his sense of responsibility cannot be shirk. It can be said to be very insightful, which has made many young people excited. 2. Longyan No. 1 Middle School Classmates Reunion Commemorative Medal Youth does not end because of you. This ordinary but emotionally complex 9 words touched the hearts of the class 6 students of the 92nd junior high school. After 25 years, youth is no longer there, but when the classmates get together, they are youth, innocent feelings, because of you. 3. The commemorative medal of the 79th Alumni Association of Wanjiang Middle School A talented man wrote a five-character poem. Meeting is not a dream, just like a teenager. Being together is fate, even if the years have passed, we can still meet again, just like when we met at school when we were young. Through the above three cases, have you found your precious memory? Engraving him on the commemorative medal, even if the time has passed, he is still full of memories.
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