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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-16
What do I need to prepare for the anniversary commemorative medal order? Here we need to perform two steps, the first is the materials that the company needs to prepare, and the second is what the commemorative medal manufacturer needs to do. Let me first talk about what information the company needs to give to the factory? 1. Corporate logo, architecture. 2. The time of establishment of the company and the year of establishment of the anniversary celebration. 3. Corporate slogans, used to promote corporate slogans. Or the company has its own design team and has designed the artwork, then convert the artwork into AI format and send it to the commemorative medal custom factory. What the factory needs to do is to summarize the materials sent by the company and design the commemorative form that the company likes, and then connect with the person in charge of the company to determine the sample map and the modified part. Because the sample drawing is slightly different from the actual product, we need to send the sample to the customer at this time, and the order can be placed after the customer confirms it. It is worth noting that the company can choose according to the actual situation in choosing the material of the medal. Generally, they are made of zinc alloy, which is cost-effective and superior in all aspects. If you want to choose high-end materials, you can choose copper materials. Of course, powerful companies can also choose gold and silver materials as souvenirs!
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