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Commemorative MEDALS of the custom manufacturer, in fact just beside you

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-29
Crossbow handicraft factory is committed to assist the advertising company, activity organization, community, hotels and other gift customization enterprises, efforts to create a suitable by the cohesion of the enterprise and employees common development of rich and harmonious corporate culture, very professional from the custom of the enterprise staff all sorts of handicraft production. Zhuhai gree electric appliances is a set research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of international home appliance enterprise, to & other; To master the core technology & throughout; As the business philosophy, and other Build one hundred enterprise & throughout; As the development goals, with excellent product quality, leading technology research and development, the unique marketing model to guide made in China, which owns gree, TOSOT, jing hong three major brands, include gree household air conditioner, central air conditioning, air to water heaters, TOSOT living appliances, crystal, refrigerator and so on several major home appliances category. In 2015 the May 1st Labour Day holiday approaching, zhuhai gree electric appliances need to find a can on behalf of the company brand image of memorial medal as employee welfare, in many bidding manufacturers, crossbow, with dozens of years of experience in handicraft custom and reliable quality in bidding to be designated as the gree medal custom manufacturers. MEDALS have enterprise an activity has special commemorative meaning, struggle, honor to witness. MEDALS can make bright surface or no color according to the requirements of design, can be in in recessed metal spray sand or sand + spray paint processing, contrast bulging metal bright surface, can form bright contrast, presents the double color effect yo, products according to customers' design, the combination of design can also be one or more pieces, in the true sense to witness the crossbow, metal badges, MEDALS, commemorative COINS and so on a variety of custom power. Crossbow bo custom commemorative MEDALS won the from all walks of life make it more attention and support, the brand reputation and popularity also further strengthened and improved. Highlight & other; Gree electric appliances & throughout; In building the first domestic and international excellent electrical appliances manufacturers, to create the international home appliance laid a good foundation. As well as employees and society to create a better welfare and living convenience.
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