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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-18
Every weekend, we can always see these figures, galloping wheels, cheerful teams, and happy singing, speeding along the park avenue and scenic spots, which is a beautiful landscape from a distance. Unconsciously, bicycles have become one of the tools for exercise and relaxation on weekends. More and more people around me have joined the cycling team, and they will be invited to ride the great rivers north and south of China every holiday. People like to live in groups and compete with friends and group members in a competitive bicycle race. What you enjoy is the process, and the honor is the finish medal. Over time, all I have left are full of photos and memories, and the commemorations are all bicycle race medals covered with maps of the motherland. Today I want to introduce to you a bicycle race medal. She has exquisite retro metallic luster, meticulous coloring, and exquisite craftsmanship. She is the Macmillan Cyeletta bicycle race. A small medal is for the players. It gave the applause and encouraged the athletes to continue their physical exercises. Next, we welcome her to the stage with warm applause: Design manufacturer: Crossbow Purpose: Bicycle bi'sai competition Process: Plating antique silver
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