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Craft factory introduction to gift-giving method, will vary, vary from person to person

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-11
Gift-giving method, will vary, vary from person to person: ( 1) Gift is with reciprocity. If you give gifts to others, the other party will also return, so too expensive gift to a friend who know not deep, sometimes make him feel very embarrassed. Present the gift also don't have to be equivalent. As long as you choose a proper gift for opposite party attentively. ( 2) The gift to be practical, such as send friends do not smoke a pipe is not appropriate. ( 3) Buy gift, stick on the items to be removed. ( 4) Usually presents are specially after packaging, in order to show that it is a gift. ( 5) Unless it is a gift in person, otherwise it should be on the gift give the names of people or attach a memo writing, name card. Giving way and occasion to send what, how and when to send is an issue often troubled people, even the deepest love sometimes also of no help, personal gifts is obviously can not use popular to, many gifts will involve the issue of customs, habits and personal style. With both will remove their doubts and scruples. When giving the gift of the most important thing is to send out to make people happy not to be embarrassed, in order to avoid the occurrence of the latter, there is a basic criterion: informal situations of not to give as a gift to your friends and acquaintances. For example, no matter how wealthy guests, if she send a well-dressed, antique gift boxes to the hostess, it will make her impatience. A man give a woman a jewelry ring she would feel very embarrassed, but her husband to do so would make her very happy.
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